Patek Philippe: A Timely Investment


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Patek Philippe: A Timely Investment

Smart phones play a key role in today’s world the wristwatch is a different scenario that is chosen by the people. Wearing a watch an individual states that they follow a style. But wearing a Patek Philippe creates a style declaration as well as a long-term investment. Patek Philippe watches value increases over the period of time which makes individuals never tend to sell their watches at any point of time.

Antoni Patek is a business man more interested on watches and absorbed its machineries that perform clocking operations. There are many companies produced graceful plus artful design of watches but that was not attractable to Patek. Hence Patek decided to produce his own watch design along with his first companion Franciszek Czapek. Later on he had a meeting with Adrien Philippe who introduced keyless watch which made Patek to include Philippe in his companionship leaving Czapek.

They produced watches made out of precious materials along with the accurate workmanship that lead to the high expensive standards whereby each component under goes high quality process. The Patek Philippe holds a 200 year old history where the company experienced financial crisis in the year 1930s. The company produces pocket watches that are familiar among the public made the market fall which lead to the innovative product later on. They produced modern wristwatch following superior standards watches accessible to common people. The new watches begins with the price range of $20000 that combines 702 valuable stones and sells to the customers to $102060.

In the year 1970 Patek Philippe experienced severe warning due to the introduction of quartz watches which are made out of mechanical. Patek Philippe introduced a brilliant design which is referred as Nautilus made with a mechanical operation offering a similar look of ocean liner porthole. The watch was sold at the rate of $3100. Nautilus is considered as the expensive watch when compared to the Rolex watches. Now these watches acquire a value of $31000 where the Patek Philippe still holds the peak in the industry.

These watches are worn by Queen Victoria, Egypt Sultan and prince Albert which made an image that the watch is worn by royal people. The beauty of these watch pieces are showcased in Patek Philippe museum contains the entire collection of watch pieces from 16th century.

In the year 1989 because of its 150th anniversary a complicated wristwatch is introduced with 39 moderations. In the year 2014 a super complication pocket watch introduced was introduced by Henry graves which were sold at the price of $24 million whereas the Patek Philippe sold upto one million dollar price. Later in the year 2016 a watch made of steel sold at the rate of $12 million which made the auction record for wristwatch.

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