Whats so special about Golf Edition Hublot Big Bang Unico?


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Whats so special about Golf Edition Hublot Big Bang Unico?

The Hublot Big Bang Unico golf edition is produced in combination with Dustin Johnson. The unique thing about the watch is it permits the wearer to maintain their score of golf.one side of the watch with 45mm contains two push buttons. One increases the stroke to the evaluation of member and another one increases the one hole of the game. The watch can store a player’s 18 empty scores around 2 or 3 circles. At the 8’o clock position, a pusher is used to reset the entire score to zero. Hublot is a brand watch that is related to sports along with the companionships of NBA’s Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt of the American football team and international brand.

The special thing about the Hublot big bang Unico golf watch is that it can hold the golf scores of the players. To be sure, this isn’t the most down to the business burden for consistent wear, anyway, there’s an entire another world to this watch than just that. The watch is designed with the dimensions of 45mm and 18.01mm but it is lightweight at just 98 gms since it is manufactured of Texalium, which is a combination of fiberglass ,aluminum, and carbon fiber. The screws made out of titanium, finishing things off steady with an outline.

The Big Bang Unico Golf offers the chronograph appearance and has been considered as a chronograph. Its development highlights come back to-zero heart piece. The number of strokes applied to the ball to reach the hole is counted by the pusher that is of putter shaped positioned at 2’o clock. The pusher at 4 o’clock enables the wearer to proceed onward to the following opening by resetting the stroke counter to zero. The total number of strokes can be determined in the 6’0 clock position which gets updated then and there. Finally when all the counters are set to zero by the pusher positioned at the 8’o clock. During the processing of the rounds, the button is locked with a degree of 45 degrees such that it is not wrongly activated.

The watch possesses a setup which enables the wearer to appreciate and see how the timepiece functions. The watch accompanies two tradable wristbands attached to the One Click framework. One is made of leather white color elastic and composed like a golf glove, while the other is designed with specialized texture with a Velcro latch to guarantee the watch remains consummately on the wrist.

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