Five things you should know before buying a pre-owned watch


Do you have eyes on that alluring Rolex watch? Go for a trusted pre-owned watch company! Pre-owned watches have become a common phenomenon worldwide. No doubt, these companies provide minimal price luxury watches, but it is crucial to find the right partner. A timepiece is the most significant factor that contributes to your overall personality. That’s the reason you should be particular with your choices.

If you’re out for purchasing a pre-owned watch, then consider the 5 factors before you plunge into the brand:

1. Don’t go for vintage watches-

You may like vintage watches that maybe 30 years old and why not it seems to be unique in the present market. However, vintage timepieces can be risky. As they’re fragile, you need to take care of it. Avoid banging your hand against the wall because your timepiece will get damaged easily. Therefore, we recommend not to for vintage watches as it involves more risk.

2. Choose a verified partner- 

Countless companies sell pre-owned watches; however, you need to be aware of fakers. With the rising popularity of timepieces like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, you would also come across fakers that offer similar design watches with great precision, ensuring that it is original. Beware of such companies and choose a verified company.

3. Invest in a watch that comes with a box-

It is better to purchase watches that come with a box and warranty paper. If you plan to wear a random watch without any documents, during the time of reselling, you may face difficulties and get the right price. So it is worth it to pay more for watches that come with a box and paper. We advise you to stay in profit all the time.

4. Ask the right question to dealers-

Don’t you think the watch is over polished? Does it preserve its original manufacture finish? Does it preserve all its original parts such as clasp, crown, bezel, etc.? These are some vital questions that customers need to ask before purchasing a luxury timepiece. Piece with boxes and paper will lead you to less nasty surprises in the long run. But again, make sure that you won’t end up paying more than its market price.

5. Research and depreciate-

It would be best if you did your homework well before paying a high amount. Research the retail price of the timepiece of your brand and then discuss the price with the dealer. Depreciation of the amount highly depends on factors such as the age of the watch, whether it is too old or in between. Is the design outdated? Therefore, ensure that you evaluate the retail price and the pre-owned watch details, and then come up with the best negotiation price.

In conclusion

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