Pre-owned luxury watches- An ultimate buying guide!


When it comes to purchasing pre-owned luxury watches, there is a way to be prepared so that you walk away contented with the watch you like. Like any significant purchase, it requires thorough research and a good knowledge of the pre-owned luxury watch market.

1. Know the diverse types of pre-owned watches

There are several types of pre-owned watches and we’ll describe the differences between them from most current to oldest.

  • Let’s consider the watches that are being manufactured by the authorized sellers. Buying a stylish pre-owned watch does have its worth since in many instances it could still be in fine condition and likely still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The second type is the watches that are pushed out of production or terminated altogether. These watches can be secured at a discount and are sometimes even brand new but marketed as NOS (new old stock).
  • The third type of beforehand owned luxury watches is vintage watches. The vintage watches have acknowledged in value over the years and now deserve more than their original retail price.

2. Determining your perfect pre-owned watch

This greatly depends on your personal choice as there are many elegant and iconic watches that are prevalent in the watch collecting community and if you’re not sure which to choose, ensure the features that you want in your pre-owned watch.

3. Discover what motivates you to purchase a used luxury watch

For instance, if you are planning to buy a watch that will one day become a family legacy then things like resell value should be counted since not all brands are equivalent. So, determine the factor that motivates you to buy a luxury pre-owned watch.

4. Tips on how to get the most for your cash

  • Sometimes a pre-owned watch’s state is in beautiful condition with no noticeable marks or dents, but the leather strap has been diminished and no longer looks new. Purchasing a brand-new strap from the manufacturer is forever an option. 
  • If the watch case has some small scratches on it and you prefer to make it resemble as new as possible, you can get it polished. 
  • The best trick on how to get an “increased” warranty, send the watch for repairs or service from the producer. The factory will normally issue a warranty with the watch that could bring peace of mind to you. 

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