5 things to consider when selling your Pre-owned watch


5 things to consider when selling your Pre-owned watch - Haute Horologe

Thanks to the internet, you can buy just about anything today in a few clicks. Online shopping has transformed the way consumers relate, shop and purchase things, and that goes for the watch realm, too.

But, it’s an exciting progression for the watch industry, one that’s been historically built on brick and mortar stores as well as powerful, lasting relationships with renowned jewellers, traders and fellow representatives. 

In this blog, we’re going to assist you to understand this modern world of watch-selling online — from the best practices to take and elements to evade or look out for when considering selling to a fresh online dealer.

The Pre-Watch-Selling Guidelines

Before you even begin trying to figure out where you want to exchange your watch, you need to have a better understanding of the timepieces you want to sell. This is significant because if you don’t know what you’re trading, you are much more likely to get a poor deal for your watch. 

  1. Inspect the condition of your watch

The first thing you require to do is take your watch out of the cupboard and give it a fresh look-over. You should evaluate everything the watch has going for it, from the element to the band. If it is a timepiece you don’t wear often, it is even more relevant to reacquaint yourself with the timepiece so that you better know all of the assets and unique selling points of the watch.

  • Get your watch polished

You wouldn’t go to a job interview without a bath and a good suit, and so you shouldn’t give your watch off to a reseller in its most critical condition. If you want to get the bang for your buck, take your watch to the jeweller or thoroughly clean it at home yourself. Don’t get it perfected, as this can sometimes reduce the value. Simply make sure there’s no dirt or ruins in the clefts and that it glows.

  • Look up the reference number

When you sell your watch, you need to be as instructed as feasible about what you have. Examining the reference number will help you read more about the watch itself, and if it is a vintage, you will apparently learn about what makes it collectable now. Having this knowledge can be great leverage when trying to market your watch online.

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