Haute Horologe- Watch Size Guide!


Haute Horologe- Watch Size Guide

Few things can be as obscure for the inexperienced as knowing how wristwatch sizing works. Today, we will break it down in a simple to understand form so that you can get yourself the perfect sized watch.

Let’s openly talk about how watches are measured to determine the size. Once we understand the way they are sized, we will describe a bit about how the shape of the case itself can determine how large or how small a watch is sensed to be on one’s wrist.

How are watch cases measured and sized?

Watch cases are measured in millimeters (mm) and normally using a measuring device named a caliper. The most common shape for watch cases is a round case. Round cases are sized by measuring the diameter across the case. 

  • Case Shapes

The geometry of design factors such as bezel thickness or dial size, sometimes may look either larger or smaller on the wrist.

When matched to the round case, the squared case watch has more “square footage” on the dial because of its geometry. 

Moreover, every design detail on a watch such as the kind of hour markers, the size, the lugs, and thickness of the hands, , the pushers, the crown, can influence the way the size of the case is perceived.

  • Case Thickness

The thickness of a case is measured from the top center of the watch’s glass to the center of the case back using a caliper. Some watches have ultra-thin cases while others will have big case thickness. The more difficulties a watch has, the thicker the case will get to help the various components it takes to provide the extra mechanical functions to work.

  • Straps & Bracelets

Other things that can transform the way the size of the watch is encountered are the type of band or metal band, the width of the strap, weather or not it has equal tone stitching or divergent tone stitchwork. Metal wristbands will normally look chunkier than a leather or fabric strap. Straps are customarily made to be about 50% of the breadth of the case so that they resemble proportional.

The length of the strap or bracelet is also an important part of a watch’s sizing.

  • Smaller watches of up to 36mm usually look proportional on a 6” wrist or less.
  • Mid-sized watches 38mm to 42mm will look proportional on a 6” to 7” wrist.
  • Larger watches of 44mm to 46mm will look proportional on a 7” to 8” wrist.

Most luxury watch websites like Haute Horologe will classify the size of their watches by gender. Mostly, we align as men’s watches, ladies’ watches, or mid-sized watches. All gender-specific sizing alone, this guide is here to help you drive the actual size and perceived of the watch and how large or small it looks on the wrist as well as what factors add to its appearance. 

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