Haute Horologe: 3 Reason Why you should buy Pre-owned Watches


Buying a brand new, right out-of-the-box luxury watch can be exciting. But it seems that more people are learning the pleasures of buying pre-owned watches as the market has erupted in the last decade.

Now that you have your views set on a special watch, should you consider buying a pre-owned luxury watches? Haute Horologe gives you 3 compelling reasons why:

  1. You avoid the primary depreciation of a brand new watch.

Buying a luxury watch is a lot like buying a car. Its value deteriorates quickly after you drive it off from the dealership or when it moves from being “new” to “pre-owned”.

Unlike cars, however, a pre-owned luxury watch can still be used after decades and has a “glass floor” or a condition by which it will no longer sink. By buying a watch that’s already pre-owned, you dodge taking this initial depreciation, thus presenting it a financially wiser choice.

  • You’re more likely to sell it at the same value, or for a profit.  

We don’t suggest buying a watch for the sole objective of making it an investment – that is, buying it only to market it later for a profit – as it’s not staked that their price will acknowledge later on.

But should you want to market your watch again after a few years, you’re less likely to experience a loss with a pre-owned watch because the first owner already ate the primary loss in value.

  • You get to choose from a wide range of models and price points.

Buying brand new limits you to popular models, whereas the pre-owned market can give you a wide array of models, including early versions of watches, discontinued styles, limited editions. This is particularly true for pre-owned branded watch staples or designs that are supposed classic.

Rolex watches, for instance, only grow and experience changes that are so little over the decades. If you want every Rolex Submariner, for instance, you can choose from models from several decades, until you find one that is within your budget.

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