Top Luxury Watch Brands of All Time


Just one look at a luxury watch and we are awestruck by its class and sheer elegance. When that marvellous timekeeping device is a vintage or pre-owned piece, it invariably strikes a chord with us all. In today’s blog, let us delve into the world of luxury watch brands and learn about some of the best ones ever. 

Let us start off with a prominent brand – Audemars Piguet which is one among the “Big Three” or “Holy Trinity” (if you are a watch enthusiast, you already know that the Holy Trinity of luxury watches refers to the top three Swiss watchmakers). All their watches are spectacular and each one is as great as the next. The AP Royal Oak series is the most famous in their collection. Usually, a watch is priced only for the amount of metal (gold) weighed. Audemars Piguet used their horological expertise, too, as a pricing factor. Now, other luxury watch brands are also adopting this strategy.

Next in line is the renowned Rolex watch. All of us must surely have come across this brand at least once in our lives. Many of us might even be proud owners. Rolex is the most popular watch brand out there. Their brand awareness all over the world is at a peak level. Pre-owned luxury watches of this brand are in no way lesser than a new one. In fact, it may even be more valuable. This clearly indicates the product’s worth. Let’s face the truth – all men have a crush on Rolex. 

Hublot is a Swiss watch brand that is well-known for representing the Art of Fusion among other watch brands. Both men and women adore the luxury watch collections of Hublot. Founded in 1980, they are a well-respected brand offering both mechanical and quartz watches. They are known for manufacturing the most expensive watch in the world – “The Five Million Dollar Watch” 

The final brand in our list is none other than Patek Phillippe which was the watchmaker that invented the wristwatch. They were also the first inventors of the most complicated watch to ever exist. This brand is owned by billionaires, top professionals, and celebrities all over the world. Known for its alluring design and its high-tech value, Petek Phillippe is undoubtedly the king of the luxury watch brand world. 

When you don a luxury watch on your wrists, it makes you feel special. Always remember, when you buy a pre-owned luxury watch, choose a seller who is trustworthy. To buy your dream watch, visit the Haute Horologe website at today. We guarantee authenticity Place your order today to become a proud owner of the finest pre-owned luxury watch brands.

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