Four Fact About the Rolex Oysterquartz



Every Rolex that you set your eyes on is an embodiment of precision and sheer elegance. One cannot be disappointed with every rendition crafted by the finest watchmakers. The kind of timepieces that will seamlessly fit your wrist like it was made for you. Rolex OysterQuartz watch is one of the most specific caliber pieces that was manufactured keeping in mind the 80’s trend where every brand was coming out with quartz watches which focused less on the technical factor and more on the caliber.

Here are some interesting facts about Rolex Oysterquartz Watch

  1. Oysterquartz was a result of 5 years of an intense process  

Rolex was one of the few Swiss brands to fall in for the quartz movement but they finally initiated the process of an in-house quartz program wherein they came out with this extraordinary piece with a 32khz oscillator, 11 jewels and in-house calibers.

  1. Rarest of the Rare pieces 

Only 25,000 pieces were being orchestrated making it one of the gold-dust watches, rare of its kind. So, owning a pre-owned Oysterquartz is the only possibility left for the watch fanatics. If you wish to snap up a pre-owned Rolex watch in DubaiHaute Horologe is the online store to fetch the most durable and reliable luxury watches.

  1. It was being produced for good 25 years

Rolex Oysterquartz Watch came out in different renditions of jewels and design elements. There were stainless steel versions that came out initially.

  1. The first quartz of Rolex was not OysterQuartz but Rolex Date 5100

The limited series of Date 5100 was implemented under the BETA-21 movement in which it was used by multiple swiss brands to fit out their quartz watches.

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