Exclusive Guide to Selling Your Pre-Owned Luxury Watch


The time passes by and so does the timepiece; maybe there is an old luxury watch still lying in your drawer that you no longer wear or use; it is completely fine to let go of it. There are a few things to contemplate before you decide to resell it; it’s always a better option in case of a well-maintained luxury watch rather than discarding it.

First and foremost, if you are a passionate watch enthusiast, you would have kept the box and the documents along with the watch safe with you. Dig in for all the papers, warranty cards and service records. The right documents signify the authenticity of the watch. A whole package helps you to sell it with ease than just handing over the timepiece and definitely a better price.

You should be aware of all the digits associated with your watch from the Model number of your edition of the watch and the serial number is used for cross-referencing again to check the authenticity of the source by having a look at the serial charts of the original producers.

You have both the options of getting the servicing done or not, whatever prices sound the best. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the repair cost should not be heavy on your pockets else there is no point in the whole process.

Research thoroughly about the market value of the timepiece and the demand and popularity and comparison of prices at different reliable vendors of Luxury Watches in UAE, a pre-owned luxury watch in Dubai can be bought or sold at Haute Horologe.

Check for dents and damages and gain an understanding of aftermarket components before making a deal as you’ll get a quote accordingly.

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