Explore a new range of luxury watches on a budget.


We know that you love flashing those luxury watches however you do not want to splurge a lot on them. However, if we say that you could own your favorite luxury timepieces without having to spend a bomb what will you say

Welcome to the land of Luxury Pre Owned Watches. And especially the market for Luxury Pre Owned Watches in UAE is booming. Pre-owned timepieces are for those serious watch lovers who want to stay relatively economical. Having said that we have put together some tips for you so that you could own luxury watches but without digging a hole in your pockets.

  1. Change straps for a new look

One thing that all experienced watch lovers can tell you is to change the straps of your timepieces to instantly spruce them up. For this, you need to start with a watch whose straps are replaceable. Further on you would need an eye for good taste to match/contrast the right straps for your watch.

  1. Why not pre–owned watches?

It goes without mentioning that if you find the full price of a particular watch too high & might you might as well pay less for the same beauty! Pre-Owned Watches to the rescue!! In the world of luxury watches, items do depreciate over time and lose their original value however given their inherent value they are sold again and again in the secondary market.  After original owners have to let them go they find their way in the hands of the ones who desire them. Like you and me. Pre-owned watches can be purchased from dealers who trade in such timepieces. In this context, you can visit Haute Horologe in Dubai, the authentic dealers who buy, sell, trade-in luxury pre-owned watches.

Considering the option to buy a pre-owned watch is an excellent decision to get the watch you want at a lesser value and in good condition. Of course, it will not be a brand new watch but it will give you most of the highs of that brand new watch feels!!

2. Save up , trade & sell watches

If you have the skills of investing wisely in a watch that is valuable over a period of time and is still desirable, then you can move the value of that watch in clever ways without having to spend a lot on the new watch when you need to. You could easily trade these watches and sell them with authentic & authorized dealers to save money.

Apply this time-honored approach in the world of luxury watches and you could be always on the top of your game. You could enjoy the experience of a lot of luxury watches without having to go over–budget on them.

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