How To Choose a Leather Watch?


Leather straps are quite famous and liked by people when they buy luxury watches. This is because leather straps look quite classy, elegant, and they are very durable and good for every day fit as well. However, if you are looking to buy a watch with a leather strap, here are some tips that will help you decide better.

Things to keep in mind while buying a leather watch

  1. Always check the quality of the leather strap that you are buying. Some brands try to fake leather with a synthetic material which is imprinted with PU and that is not lather. So, while buying a watch, make sure you read the inscriptions carefully.
  2. When you buy a leather watch, along with the quality of the leather, you should also check how it has been stitched because if a thread starts to come out due to wear and tear, then the entire look of the watch will be compromised. The stitching is also responsible for keeping the watch durable so you should buy a leather watch whose strap has wide and long stitches.
  3. There are different types of leather straps as well. You can choose the straps as per your liking. The leather straps variety includes grainy leather, fine natural leather, and so on.
  4. You can also choose and get leather straps in different colours. So, you can go ahead and pick a colour which you like and would be most comfortable in wearing, and this is another great thing about leather watches as well. 

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