A Guide to Swiss Watches


In the watchmaking world, the sign that says Swiss Made makes your timepiece outstand all others because it is crafted with excellent craftsmanship. The demand for this prestigious stamp has accounted for more than 25.4 million watches being sold till the year 2016, and now even more. A lot of luxurious and amazing magnificent pieces have been manufactured under this stamp and the spectrum goes on from very high-priced watches to medium range prices as well. 

Here is everything we have to tell you about Swiss Watches and why it is one of the most remarkable stamps in the history of watchmaking.

All you Need to Know About Swiss Watches

  1. The first thing to be noted is that for a watch to be called under this stamp, the assembling and the manufacturing of the watch is to be done in Switzerland. 
  2. The case up of the entire watch should also be done in Switzerland.
  3. The watch mechanics should also be tested and bult in Switzerland only.
  4. At least 60 percent of the manufacture value of the watches should come from Switzerland.
  5. The final inspection of the Swiss watches is also in Switzerland only.

Here are some budget friendly Swiss watches that you can add to your collection!

Preowned Top Luxury Watches

  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
  2. Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Black Unico Carbon
  3. Breitling Aerospace Evo Titanium Quartz
  4. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ceramic Black

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