How you can buy, trade and sell your watch collection securely


Luxury watches are no longer bought for the sake of buying it or as a display of wealth. But it is also a good investment that may increase in value over time.  The growth of the pre-owned watches market has made it possible to buy and sell watches securely and with utmost transparency in quality and pricing. 

Here Is a guide to buy, trade and sell watches in Dubai:

Buying Tips

If you are buying a luxury watch, it is worth the time to invest in research and understanding of the brand and its value.  Is the watch part of a limited edition brought out by the company? Is it vintage material, rare enough to command a good price? More importantly, the buyer has to ensure that the watch comes with the original box, papers, invoice, service history, and warranty card.  The service history is important as most hand-wound and automatic watches are prone to wear and tear. Periodic servicing is required to ensure that parts and movements are in good condition. If the pre-owned watches dealer is able to give a certificate of authenticity, the buyer is safeguarded from the risk of buying a counterfeit or fake timepiece and also is assured of the condition of the watch.

Reputation of Seller

Is the seller a reputed one and known in the watch market? Is it possible to get testimonials from buyers? Do they have good ratings online? Do they have the facility and craftsmen to refurbish a timepiece? Do they have knowledgeable salesmen who devote time to the buyer to explain the features and uniqueness of various models? Do they have the facility and craftsmen to refurbish a

For buyers looking forward to having a collection of luxury watches, it is important to have sufficient funds to purchase the watches. Older watches in the collection can be sold. Buyers should focus on the theme (sports, mariners, pilot watches, or any other category), price points, and brand. Try to buy watches that you are likely to wear and suit your style. It should be suited for many occasions. It should not be kept inside the house for safekeeping.

Selling of Watches

Just as much care as buying a luxury watch should be taken while selling a watch as well. You may need to do research on the value of the watch, its rarity, and the price it commands in the used watches market.  When selling a watch, it is important to have the original box, instruction booklet, warranty papers, and service record to prove the authenticity of the product. Pre-owned watch dealers insist on such papers as it improves their chances of getting a good price from their customers.

EvaluationThe pre-owned watch dealers have online services whereby they can enter details of the watch including bracelet or strap, case, type of movement, brand, and reference numbers. The sites also give the option to upload the photos of the watch.  Once you send the watch to the dealer, your watch would be inspected and a price quoted for the product and if the value is acceptable to the buyer, payment will be given immediately.

Pre Owned dealers usually buy watches from individuals, estates, private collections, global dealers, and they are evaluated and authenticated. They are brought to “mint” or factory condition. Reputed dealers will have a large inventory of watches for buyers to choose from. The more watches the dealer is familiar with, the more their knowledge and understanding of leading brands.

If you are looking forward to buying or selling a used luxury watch in Dubai, Haute Horologue can provide you with all the assistance and support. 

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