6 Reasons Why Wearing a Luxury Watch Can Make You the Sexiest Man in the Room


What is a watch meant for? For knowing time and date may the simple answer. But if that was the only reason for a time piece to exist, there may not be so many different type of from simple to the most luxurious ones available in the market. A watch is not just a device to know time, it displays the personality and socio-economic status of the individual as well. No wonder, more people are searching for luxury men’s watches in Dubai.

Here are six reasons why wearing a luxury watch can make you the sexiest man in the room:

Symbol of Success

A man of success displays his calibre not in words as in the choice of dress, belts, ties, hair grooming, foot wear and other visible adornments or non-verbal cues. A luxury watch symbolises success and values you hold in life.  Studies show that women take notice of the watch worn by their partner on first dates. It is another way of telling others you are hard-working, conscientious and has an eye for finer details.

Improves Appeal
Whatever outfit you are in, a wrist watch complements it and makes you look more appealing. Whether you are wearing a dark suit or checked button shirt and executive leather shoes, a luxury watch adds to the glitter. Hence, a luxury watch is a must on occasions such as first date, a business meeting, a bank visit or any event of importance.

Display of Wealth

A luxury watch not only denotes career success but also is a great opportunity to display your wealth. Appropriate choice of luxury watch for each occasion makes the person noticed where ever they go whether it is a meeting, function or gathering. A luxury watch denotes the socio-economic position of the individual and shows how influential you are.

Man of Value and Goals
Choice of brands whether it is clothing, footwear, mobile phone or glasses symbolises the values of the person. A luxury watch brands symbolises quality and achievement. It was your goal to wear a luxury watch and you have attained it. A luxury men’s watch is also a good investment. Most vintage watches grow in value over time.  Owning a luxury watch shows you value your investments, time and effort.

Fashion Statement
Watches are no longer considered for their basic needs. It is a fashion statement. A man of fashion gets noticed where ever they go. The automobile they use, the mobile phone, spectacles, pen and all the other materials of daily use. A luxury men’s watch tells others you are going in with fashion trends and display a contemporary outlook.

Quality Consciousness
A brand denotes quality and luxury watch denotes quality to a superlative degree. It demonstrates your priorities and tells the world you don’t settle for anything less. Whether it is relationships, investing, consumption, setting goals or family time. A quality driven person is hard working, diligent and intelligent as well. He values his own time as well as that of others.  A luxury watch gives an opportunity for self-expression and display your personality to the world.

Watches had been a fashion statement for more than three centuries now. Finest vintage watches in the world continue to be used and resold and cherished by buyers for its superior craftmanship, technology and design. No wonder there is value in investing and wearing a luxury watch.  Dubai is the right place to shop for luxury men’s watches.  If you are looking for a trusted and reliable luxury watch dealer in Dubai, drop into Haute Horologe, for the widest range and collection of pre-owned luxury watches from across the world 

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