Hublot Big Bang Unico 44mm Watch


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Hublot Big Bang Unico 44mm Watch
The Hublot big bang watches are manufactured for a decade. Hublot manufactured three models of Big Bang which are loved by the actors as well as athletes which are therefore treated as an Haute Horlogerie star. The Swiss watch manufacturer induced a fusion concept in Hublot Big bang watches which makes them crown among others. They utilized rare materials for the production of the watches such as ceramic, magnesium, steel, gold, titanium and carbon. This made most of the people attracting the purchase the watches.

The variety of Hublot watches were introduced to the public in the year 2005 which is none other than Big Bang Gold Ceramic. Currently, Big Bang contains a wide range of collection of watches with stunning designs which made them familiar as well as best known wrist watch producers of the world undoubtedly. The secret behind the Big bang watches is they can be worn by unisex which made them successful in the market compared to the others. The Big Bang watches are produced under the guidance of Jean – Claude Biver who currently the president of the Hublot as well as the watch sector of LVMH.

Big Bang watches are supported by youngsters and other age groups who praise the creative design that is carried in the watch made to be the best timepiece of future forever. These watches are designed with various materials such as gold, platinum, ceramic, and carbon. They are also available in the bracelet fashion with rubber, crocodile leather or titanium chains. The internal workings of the Big Bang watches can be chosen by the client according to their interest whether it can be quartz or automatic movement.

The mechanical movements’ matches well with the Big Bang watch. The company also manufactured multifaceted watches of gold as well as black offering a dark finishing. It was honored by Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2005 as the best design watch. Big Bang Unico 44mm watch produced with the use of materials such as ceramic and titanium. These special editions are attractable over the international market. These are off with a dial size 44 mm. During the production of Unico watches the movement was connected with King Power watches which are of a big size that accommodate the internal components.

The Big Bang watches are designed with a sapphire glass at the back side with includes the King gold ceramic stating the extended functionality of the Unico watches. For more info –

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