An investment in a luxury watch is for a lifetime and therefore an occasion may arise when you have to unlock its value in the market. It may be because you are in need of money or thinking of purchasing a new brand.  The challenge is getting the right valuation […]

Haute Horologe is Dubai’s leading supplier of luxury watches and specialize in providing exquisite timepieces from the world’s finest watch makers. The extensive collection carried by Haute Horologe are the most magnificent swiss made timepieces of selected brands.

Haute Horologe goal is to earn satisfaction to the valuable costumers using the four core values such as service, knowledge, independence and trust. These are the qualities that Haute Horologe have been engaging over the years.

Haute Horologe a high-end Luxury Watches Boutique providing remarkable luxurious shopping experience for the costumer’s satisfaction.

Who among us has never wanted to own a luxury watch like a Rolex, Richard Mille, Omega, etc? The answer is that all of us have wanted to own a luxury watch. After all, it is a status symbol. However, if you decide to buy a luxury watch, you should […]