The Master Chronometer VS Superlative Chronometer!


Luxury watchmakers are constantly raising the ante to lead the pack with the most reliable mechanical watches in the world. Find out how these two market leaders do it.

With a benchmark like this, you can determine for yourself which is better.

Let’s start…

Rolex Superlative Chronometer

Rolex took the chronometer to the next level with another round of testing and fine-tuning.

Once the watch movement is restored to manufacture, Rolex claims the caliber, and a series of tests intended to simulate the performance of the watch when worn in a “real-life” situation is followed by fine-tuning until the accuracy of -2/+2 is reached. 

Once this is performed the watch is set to ship out with a new Superlative Chronometer designation.

The initial Rolex movement to ever go through Superlative Chronometer testing and get the respected Superlative Chronometer designation was the Rolex 3255 movement located in the Rolex Day-Date 40mm.

They had as determined to expand their highly strict ±2 testing to every one of their watches.

OMEGA Master Chronometer

OMEGA, keen to rise to the summons, embarked on a mission to state their dominance in chronometric accuracy with a new chronometric precision class identified as the Master Chronometer.

The first OMEGA watch that was presented the designation of Master Chronometer was the Globemaster which is part of the Omega Constellation series. A testing institute known as the Federal Institute of Metrology, also called METAS handles the testing after the watch earned a COSC certification.

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