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An investment in a luxury watch is for a lifetime and therefore an occasion may arise when you have to unlock its value in the market. It may be because you are in need of money or thinking of purchasing a new brand.  The challenge is getting the right valuation and price. Haute Horologe, the leading luxury watch marketplace for buying and selling in Dubai, helps you understand the true value of your watch and unlock its value according to the market conditions.

Price Determination
Price of a luxury watch is defined by the brand, year of manufacture, reference number and its rarity. Luxury watches are usually produced only in limited numbers and mostly hand crafted. This helps command a premium over mass produced watches.  One of the important prerequisites for getting a good price for a watch is to have the original purchase bill, box and warranty certificate to prove the authenticity of the time piece.

The Haute Horologe sell your watch section provides opportunity for sellers to enter the details of the watch such as type, brand, model, reference number, year of manufacture, type of movement, material for case, bracelet and other relevant details. Some of the information are under the required category marked with an asterisk. This helps in processing your request faster.

The images of the watch have to be taken from different angles and uploaded to the site. Upto four images can be uploaded. This makes it easier to understand the nature of the watch, its condition and helps in fixing a value for it.

Unlocking Value

Proper assessment of a timepiece is essential to get a good price for the product. Haute Horologe is able to evaluate your product better because it is done by experienced evaluators having knowledge of multiple brands, models and their market value. They have long years of experience in handling vintage and classic watch brands. Therefore, you can be assured of a good price.

Haute Horologe, the pre-owned luxury watch company, is based on the core values of Service, Knowledge, Independence and Trust. And has a loyal customer base built over the years based on business ethics and quality customer service.

Dedicated Service

Knowledgeable and trained staff and understanding the customer requirements ensure that the inventory of watches get replenished at regular intervals. Those without papers and boxes are assessed on its merit and this ensures there is no over pricing or underpricing of products. Therefore, in comparison, customers who sell and buy get the feel that the pricing closely reflects the market value of the watch.

World’s Best Brands

Our staff members have in-depth knowledge of the world’s best brands such as Hublot, Rolex, Zenith, Patek Philippe, Jacob & Co, Cartier, BVLGARI, Piaget and many more. They come in hand-wound, automatic and quartz movements with a variety of features. This also helps us educate our buyers and sellers through our informative blogs which are widely read in the industry.

Advantage Haute Horologe

In a nutshell, it can be said that sellers of luxury watches look forward to a transparent and reliable assessment and pricing mechanism for watches. This is vital for getting a good price for the product. Haute Horologe is able to provide this assurance and prompt payment on purchase of the product.

Are you looking forward to selling a pre-owned luxury watch in Dubai? Haute Horologe is there to help in assessment, evaluation and setting a price for the watch irrespective of the brand or make. Several thousands of happy customers are proof of the genuineness and authenticity of our assessment of luxury watches.

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