Five Things to Look For When Buying a Used Luxury Watch


Luxury watches are outstanding in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Since, it is very expensive, pre-owned luxury watches give you the opportunity to own a leading luxury brand at an affordable price. Moreover, it holds value for its rarity as it is usually produced in limited numbers. If you are looking forward to buying a preowned watch in Dubai, here are 5 tips for first time buyers:-

  1. Buy a Genuine Watch: There are reports of counterfeit, fake watches of leading luxury watch brands in circulation. One way to identify a genuine from the fake one is to ask for original box, purchase invoice and warranty card. If original papers are not available you must pay attention to detail. Check if the logo on the dial is straight and engraving of the brand is clear on the watch case. Do research on the particular watch model and seek advice if required.

  2. Price Evaluation: Is the price quoted for the watch justified? Is it lower or higher in value? If the price is lower than anticipated, it might be a stolen, counterfeited or damaged watch. If the price is high, you might be shelling out more money than warranted. Verify brand and model number and check for market value for the same watch of a similar age and condition.
  • Service History: Luxury watches usually come in hand-wound, automatic and quartz movements. As with any machine with moving parts, they require periodic servicing and replacement of worn parts. If the watch was not serviced in time or parts replaced with inferior quality, it affects the performance and market value of the piece. Always insist on service history of the watch to get a better idea of the condition of the product.
  • Seller Authenticity: Check for the genuineness of the seller whether it is an individual or a local dealer. Look for reviews of the dealer online on social media and watch buying and selling forums. The reputation, integrity and rating of the seller is an important factor before determining a purchase of a preowned luxury watch. Do the seller have enough staff with expertise to explain the watch features?
  • Ask Questions:
    One way to understand more about the luxury watch is to ask more questions to the seller including the reasons for selling. If purchasing online, ask for more pictures from every angle. Closely examine the crown, buckle, case, straps for possible damage. Check if the watch is in working condition. Damages, performance, service history and several other factors have an impact on the pricing of a pre-owned luxury watch.

The hard work and time devoted for buying a genuine pre-owned luxury watch can be lessened if you buy from an authentic, trusted dealer in Dubai. Haute Horologue has an impressive collection of genuine watches from leading brands worldwide that are verified and sold with assurance of quality, reliability and transparency. If you are looking for authentic and original pre-owned luxury watches, log on to Haute Horologue or visit our store.

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