How to Select a Leather Luxury Watch?


No matter what watch you have, automatic watch or quartz, traditional timepieces, or smartwatches, you must want to get a leather watchband for your collection. While we watch-lovers typically categorize bands into several reputable types according to design and product (NATO, natural leather, canvas, and so on), in reality, it’s an oversimplification to swelling all leather watch unite. 

All of these factors dictate which type of watch the strap will be appropriate for, and indeed, not all straps are created equal. To choose a suitable watch band, you might need to know more about the leather straps.

What types of leather are they?

First, leather is artificially processed animal skin. After curing, soaking, painting, liming, fleshing, deliming, bating, pickling, degreasing, tanning, mineral tannages, and many other processes so that it becomes ready to be used, the whole time might take over 11 days. The leather process is to make the “skin” more durable and more robust, and it also increases the comfortable feel to some extent.

Which leather is the best choice?

What kind of leather strap is the best? It’s finally time to answer this question. There is no standard answer to such a question. Some people might say crocodile skin is the best because it’s rare and expensive. In fact, maybe the “meaning” is just to show the wearer’s fortune.

How to maintain your leather straps?

1, Don’t wear your watch always. Leave it alone and let it dry after using in high warm or moisture conditions.
2, Do not make it wet. Even if the watch is water-proof, the band is not. Avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming with it on.
3, Don’t use perfume, perfume, or lotions straight onto the band.
4, Do not use it while doing household chores. Chemicals from cleaning items will create the band to wear down faster.

These are some of the best tips when you are choosing a leather watch. Also, if you are looking for luxury watch brands, then you can get in touch with Haute Horologe as they have various luxury watches with leather straps. 

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